When the Cell Phones & Grid Go Down

Don’t Wait – ACT NOW! – Be Prepared

The DR-1 is a Long Range Two Way Radio.
Waterproof - Multi Band (UHF, VHF & FM)
Ham Radio Walkie-Talkie
for Emergency Communications.

  • Custom programed to let you easily find the emergency info you need when you need it.
  •  100% Plug-and-Play right out of the box
  • Protect your self from Power Failures, EMP's, Cyberattacks, and Much More!
  •  10-DAY+  Lithium Ion Battery
  •  Monitor All Emergency Communications from Governments, Military, Weather, F.E.M.A. and More!
  • Comes programmed with Emergency frequencies for Local State and Federal Emergencies & more!
  • Easy to operate - even the Kids can use it.
  • 100% U.S. Customer Support
  •  FREE Shipping from the USA!

Contains: DR-1 walkie-talkie,
200 Channels & Built-in Flashlight, 
10+ Day - Lithium-Ion Battery,  
Both Drop-In & USB-C Chargers,
21CM Antenna, Screwdriver, Belt Clip,
Earpiece & Hands-Free Voice-Control, 
Wrist Strap, user manual.

NO Monthly Fees Ever   -   Free Shipping

This is a Mil-Spec grade Professional Radio.
The type of communications equipment used by
law enforcement, military and more.

Completely Plug & Play - Just open the Box and You are Ready to Go!

You can LISTEN to Any Channel with NO FCC License required.
You may LEGALLY TRANSMIT without an FCC license in Times of Emergency

FCC Regulations - § 97.403          Safety of life and protection of property.
No provision of these rules prevents anyone the use of any means of radiocommunication at their disposal
to provide essential communication needs in connection with the immediate safety of human life
and immediate protection of property when normal communication systems are not available.

Your Radio will be Pre-Programmed to receive...

  • FM Radio: Listen to local news & music.
  • ​NOAA: Weather Radio/Alerts.
  • ​Marine Radio: Communicate with the Coast Guard & other boaters.
  • Federal Disaster: Listen to FEMA.
  • ​Military: Army & National Guard.
  • ​Red Cross: Disaster Services.
  • Amateur (HAM) Radio: Communicate Locally & Around the World.
  • and Much More...
  • FRS: Family Radio Service.
  • ​GMRS: Business Radio.
  • ​Police, Fire & EMS: Hear Local Interop Chanels
  • ​State Emergency Services: Listen to all Interop Chanels.

Ultimate Survival Course

The Ultimate Survival Course teaches you everything you will need to
know about surviving and thriving in times of disaster & hardship.

"Unprepared Families Beware: Why Ignoring This Course Might Be the BIGGEST Mistake of Your Life!"
Modern life is unpredictable, and the unexpected strikes when we least anticipate it.
Are you 100% certain that you've equipped your loved ones with the life-saving knowledge they truly deserve?
What Will You Discover Inside?
  • Secret Survival Techniques:
    Why are elite families guarding these jealously?
  • Children's Safety Protocols:
    The ones schools DON'T teach but absolutely SHOULD!
  • Crisis Management 101:
    Could you handle chaos if it came knocking on your door?
  • ​​Wilderness & Urban Mastery:
    Because threats don't always come from where you expect!
  • Long Term Planning & Storage:
    Food, Water, Medicine, Energy
  • Self Defense
  • ​​and Much More...

Emergency Binder

The "In Case of Emergency Preparedness Binder"
provide quick access to all your critical information,
updated and readily available – all in one place.

In times of disaster, emergency or unfortunate events, avoid the hassle of sifting through outdated statements, files, and folders to manage your finances, assets and other needed information.
During a medical emergency, loss, natural disaster, or power outage - 
you could find yourself scrambling and unprepared.
We've created 15 Categories with detailed guides, forms, and checklists to help you
keep all your vital information & contacts in one place.
Be prepared for any situation and quickly find what you need–when you or your family need it!

Fillable, Step-by-Step PDF Guides:
We've made this so easy for you!

Your personal, medical, financial, and other important information can be easily input in our guides & checklists.

1. Just fill in the form fields in the pdf. You can also
print and fill them out with a pen if you prefer.

2. Save your printed files in a binder or digital files
(along with digital photos, documents, and videos) 

Military & Survival Library

20+  Of the Most Informative and Sought After Publications.

US Government Manuals Homeland Security, FEMA, ​Survival Manuals Urban Survival, Wilderness Survival, Escape and Evasion, ​Survival Medicine First Aid, Natural Remedies - Current & Classic... ​And Much Much MORE!

Includes these Incredible Books

 USMC Close-Quarters Combat Manual
USMC Summer Survival Course Handbook
US Army Ranger Handbook
USMC Pistol-Marksmanship Handbook
USMC Rifle-Marksmanship Handbook
USMC Winter Survival Course Handbook
Emergency War Surgery – NATO Handbook
Survival and Austere Medicine
First Aid for Soldiers – Field Manual
Granddads Wonderful Book of Chemistry
U.S. Army Explosives and Demolitions Manual
The 1881 Household Cyclopedia 
Survival Food Storage
US Army Survival Manual
The Ten Bushcraft Books
MIT Guide to Lock Picking
Occult Chemistry
FEMA - Are You Ready
Holy Bible

State Preparedness Directory

Find Local Resources in Time of Need

The State Preparedness Directory (SPD) is a comprehensive resource that provides detailed information on emergency preparedness and response capabilities of each state within the country. 
  • State-specific profiles: Detailed breakdowns of each state's emergency management infrastructure, resources, contact information, and risk assessments. 
  • Emergency contacts: A listing of key emergency contacts for each state, including emergency management agencies, public health departments, and regional disaster response teams.
  • Interstate coordination: Information on agreements and partnerships between states to facilitate a coordinated response during regional or multi-state incidents.

50 Greatest American Documents

1 Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)
2 James Madison, Memorial & Remonstrance Against Religious 
    Assessments (1785)
3 Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (1786)
4 James Madison, Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787
5 Constitution of the United States (1787)
6 Brutus I (1787)
7 Publius (Alexander Hamilton), The Federalist No 1 (1787)
8 Brutus II (1787)
9 Publius (James Madison), The Federalist No 10 (1787)
10 Publius (James Madison), The Federalist No 51 (1788)
11 James Madison, Speech on Amendments to the Constitution (1789)
12 George Washington, Letter to the Hebrew Congregation (1790)
13 Bill of Rights (1791)
14 James Madison, “Property” (1792)
15 George Washington, Farewell Address (1796)
16 Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address (1801)
17 Supreme Court of the United States, Marbury v Madison (1803)
18 Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Holmes (1820)
19 James Monroe, Monroe Doctrine (1823)
20 Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Henry Lee (1825)
21 Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Roger C Weightman (1826)
22 Daniel Webster and Robert Y Hayne, Debates (1830)
23 John C Calhoun, Fort Hill Address (1831)
24 Andrew Jackson, Veto Message of the Bill on the Bank of theUS (1832)
25 Andrew Jackson, Proclamation Regarding Nullification (1832)

26 John C Calhoun, Speech on the Oregon Bill (June 27, 1848)
27 Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” (1852)
28 Abraham Lincoln, Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise (1854)
29 Supreme Court of the United States, Dred Scott v Sandford (1857)
30 Abraham Lincoln, Fragment on the Constitution and Union (1861)
31 Alexander H Stephens, “Corner Stone” Speech (1861)
32 Abraham Lincoln, Final Emancipation Proclamation (1863)
33 Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address (1863)
34 Abraham Lincoln, Resolution on the 13th Amendment (1865)
35 Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address (1865)
36 Frederick Douglass, Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln (1876)
37 Supreme Court of the United States, Plessy v Ferguson (1896)
38 Theodore Roosevelt, Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (1904)
39 Theodore Roosevelt, New Nationalism Speech (1910)
40 Progressive Party Platform of 1912
41 Woodrow Wilson, “Fourteen Points” Message (1918)
42 Calvin Coolidge, Speech on the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration 
       of Independence (1926)
43 Franklin D Roosevelt, Commonwealth Club Address (1932)
44 Herbert Hoover, Speech on the New Deal (1932)
45 Franklin D Roosevelt, 1944 State of the Union Address (1944)
46 George Kennan, The Long Telegram (1946)
47 Supreme Court, Brown v Board of Education(1954 and 1955)
48 Martin Luther King, Jr, “I Have a Dream” Speech (1963)
49 Lyndon B Johnson, “Great Society” Speech (1964)
50 Ronald Reagan, “A Time for Choosing” (1964) 


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